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At N8 Talent we offer Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced level Acting coaching for film and television actors and Performance and Production training for Vocalist and Bands. Because all people learn, speak and think differently, no one “Method” can possibly be used to coach everyone and achieve the same level of success.

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Though we use methods and strategies from many different teachers (Stanislavsky, Hagen, Strassberg, and Morris)(G.I.T, M.I., and Full Sail as it pertains to Music) we do not have a “one size fits all mentality” as it pertains to coaching the individual. At N8 Talent our number one strength in the coaching department is our unique ability to effectively communicate with EVERYONE, so we can help you obtain the knowledge and confidence you need to further your career.

We have a proven (and VERIFIABLE) track record for developing Amazing talent and getting the results you need. Whether those needs are introductory, spot coaching for a specific audition or maybe your skill-set needs a jump start to increase your booking ratio... We are confident we can produce the Results you're looking for. (Check out our “Talent” page to see some of our bookings)

We offer Private and Group Classes/Workshops in our Orlando Studio and Private Coaching Via SKYPE for those out of the area. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are a proven, established and reputable company. We have strong roots in our community as well as the Entertainment Business. N8 Talent is not a fly-by-night company that cruises in and promises you the sun, the moon, fame and fortune... While Preying on the fact that your desire to be in Show-Biz is greater than your knowledge of how this business really works. 

We offer AFFORDABLE Coaching and Training by Master Level Acting Coaches.

And most importantly, we communicate HONESTLY with our clients. Our "Open Door" policy allows our talent/parents to ask questions, so they can learn and grow in a business that can be confusing and intimidating.

We even offer a monthly workshop for parents wanting to understand more about the Industry. Avoiding pitfalls and debunking common misnomers is half the battle.

Audit a class and see for yourself! (And as always, References available upon request.)
Please feel free to call and schedule an audit anytime. To inquire about class prices, schedules, upcoming
Seminars/Workshops or to schedule a Private Coaching (Ongoing or Audition specific for Acting or Vocals), please call 321 567 3038 or email: info@n8talent.com.